Business SMS

washioresourcecard.pngWashio is a Los Angeles-based startup providing modern, tech-savvy dry cleaning and laundry service delivered to your door. When the company first began its rapid expansion into five cities, dispatch support agents lacked the infrastructure to manage thousands of daily text message requests from drivers and customers.


  • SendHub turned this unorganized, unmanageable volume of SMS correspondence into one searchable, analytics-enabled system
  • Washio support agents now have instant access to the information they need to resolve customer concerns and on-the-go driver questions
  • With SendHub, the Washio fleet can confidently grew into new metros while delivering on its promise of timely, reliable laundry service

"We needed a way to communicate with our growing team of drivers out in the field making deliveries. We quickly found using personal cell phones impossible to manage, that’s when we found SendHub."       -Juan Dulanto, Founder and CEO

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