If there’s one key technological trend that businesses across industries are moving towards, it’s automation.

From streamlining operations to supercharging marketing activities like email campaigns, automation has become an important requisite for companies to achieve better ROI, operational efficiency, and help realign precious resources (both financial and operational) for growth and expansion.

​​One such marketing activity that has gained prominence among businesses is SMS-based marketing. Companies are increasingly relying on SMS as their preferred communication platform and one reason for this shift is how SMS messages are easier to deliver and read for end users. With other traditional platforms like email and voice calls, service providers can face obstacles in connecting to customers and holding their attention.

Sometimes, sending texts from phones can be challenging, especially if you’re out of a coverage area, or low battery. To overcome these challenges, marketers have begun sending texts from their PCs and laptops using smart cloud-based SMS marketing tools like SendHub. 

Here is a rundown of the different types and methods you can use to automate text marketing efforts on a PC or laptop.

1. Email to text

A lesser known, yet interesting fact about phone numbers is that if you combine the 10 digit number with an email address of your wireless service provider, you can directly text that phone number. In case the user of the recipient replies, a response will be delivered back to your email.

2. Text through wireless carrier

If you have an account with the major wireless carrier, you can send text directly from your laptop to a cell phone number. Carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer this capability to their subscribers. For other providers, it’s recommended to check if they offer this feature.

3. Partner with an SMS marketing solution provider like SendHub

Specialized SMS marketing solution providers
like SendHub are a great way to streamline any text-based marketing activities. The major advantages for choosing SendHub’s SMS marketing platform are:

  • Access to a unified platform that enables
    • Contact Database – This is a major feature that helps businesses manage and secure all customer contacts within one platform. A contact database would serve as the central repository for internal teams to share across contact details. 
    • Online Messaging Inbox – With a UI that’s similar to a mobile SMS app, it helps companies run outbound SMS campaigns while tracking inbound SMS from customers. 
    • Inbound and Outbound SMS messaging activities – With this capability, marketing teams can fully streamline the execution of inbound and outbound SMS campaigns, and get notified on any traction and enquiries from potential leads.
    • Analytics and Reporting – By assessing key analytics from SMS campaigns, marketing teams have the opportunity to strategize and tweak existing marketing campaigns.
  • Scalability to accommodate an increase in SMS marketing campaigns
  • Easy to setup and no prior training is required for users to operate the platform

Partner with SendHub to get the most of our SMS marketing campaigns

While there are multiple ways to send texts from laptop and PCs, running full SMS campaigns without constant intervention is only possible by partnering with SMS marketing experts like SendHub.

To understand how your business can benefit from a cloud-based SMS marketing platform click on the link to know more!