Text Messaging in Healthcare

Staying Connected With SMS for Healthcare

SMS Messaging for Healthcare

Healthcare providers across the nation are streamlining their processes by using SMS messaging to collect and organize data. With SendHub SMS for healthcare, you will have the ability to send messages to staff and patients with one easy-to-use text messaging platform and get your message read fast. In fact, more than 90 percent of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it. 

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What Text Messaging for Healthcare Looks Like

Sending SMS Appointment Reminders

In addition, texting patients to book or reschedule appointments has become a very effective way to work around busy schedules. Staff members are able to provide available appointment dates and times all within a simple text message. When an appointment date approaches, it’s easy to send out automated SMS reminders to each individual customer. If the patient is looking to reschedule their appointment, healthcare workers are able to provide them with alternate dates and times via text without the hassle of back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

Ensuring Facility Protocols & Guidelines

As social distancing is becoming heavily enforced, medical facilities and offices are doing their best to eliminate crowded waiting rooms. SMS messaging allows healthcare workers to alert patients waiting in their cars in the parking lot when they can enter the premises. This ensures that patients are well-informed about new check-in procedures and that an appropriate amount of space and time are kept between individuals.

Communicating With Staff Effectively

Healthcare organizations are moving away from the ancient pager and moving toward text messages to alert their staff of shift needs. Hospital SMS messages are often sent from hospitals to their doctors, nurses and staff to make sure they have enough people clocked in to keep up with patient-demand.

Make sure your team is always informed by using a mass text. An afternoon meeting reminder, updates on clinic and hospital maintenance, housekeeping protocols or even a friendly good morning is made quicker and easier through text. 

A text messaging strategy can not only be used to aid in scheduling patients but staff as well. With SendHub, you have the ability to communicate with your staff at a moments notice to fill up any open shifts, get in touch with members taking the day off, last minute cancellations and more.

SMS for Healthcare Recruiting

Adaptive Nursing is an Indiana-based home health company with over 20 offices spread across the state. With SendHub’s text-to-hire recruiting chatbot, Adaptive is able to keep up with the demand for nurses and other healthcare workers.

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“SendHub allowed us to better adapt to COVID-19 as we already had an efficient virtual communication system in place, and now it even allows us to hire people without even coming to the office.”

-Nikki Davis, Adaptive Nursing


Read how text messaging in healthcare helped Adaptive Nursing.

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Why Healthcare Industries Love SendHub Business SMS

Whether it’s connecting with patients, managing a healthcare staff, or SMS appointment reminders, text messaging is the most efficient way to communicate. Everyone reads their text messages and implementing a text messaging application into your communication strategy can alleviate the time and energy it takes to make phone calls, leave unheard voicemails and constantly be waiting on emails.

A System Anyone Can Use

Business Class Text Messaging Features:

  • Automated text message replies
  • Local and Toll-Free business numbers 
  • Desktop, iOS and Android app
  • Customizable templates with merge fields
  • Scheduling messages
  • Premium support
  • Ability to upgrade & downgrade (no contracts)
  • MMS
  • Opt-In feature and unlimited keywords 
  • Professional Services
  • Readily available usage reports

Features for Voice Include:

  • Voice over IP
  • Inbound and outbound calls
  • Call forwarding
  • Custom voicemail greeting
  • Call tree functionality 
  • Readily available usage reports
  • One branded line for voice and SMS

SMS API Integrations

Our SMS experts are equipped to help you set up your own custom SMS integrations with the tools you already have in place. 

Save yourself the hassle of coding and programming and let our integration specialists help you integrate SendHub with the applications you use every day. Our team is committed to helping you set up a personalized SMS integration that solves all your internal and external communication needs.

Request an SMS API Quote today! https://get.sendhub.com/professional-services-quote/ 

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