Technology continues to revolutionize the way we communicate. If you want to establish an efficient communication channel for your business, you will have to find the best mode of communication that caters to the needs and vision of the company. Contrary to popular belief, phone calls, VoIP services, and emails no longer make the cut.

We interviewed an actual client of ours and asked about a testimonial and provide a bit of insight into the uses, features, and benefits of using the SendHub platform, an efficient business SMS texting service for your business.

Simplified Communication Solutions for Adaptive

A significant communication issue businesses face every day is that people no longer respond to phone calls from unknown numbers. Emails, though still widely used in the business field, aren’t as efficient as they were in the past. For Adaptive, the lack of timely response created significant challenges in the hiring process.

Adaptive is an Indiana-based home health company with over 18 offices spread across the state. They also have business relationships with various other companies that work with them to cater to different health care requirements.

Currently, the company has around 1300 home health aides across the state, and they hire approximately 40 to 60 people a week. That’s a lot of people to contact, onboard, train, and schedule. According to Nikki, Adaptive’s representative, the company was struggling to efficiently scale its operations until they started using SendHub in January 2019 and saw an immediate change in their hire rates. In April of 2018, they had hired 76 new employees. However, the numbers increased dramatically in April of 2019 and 2020 with 165 and 204 respectively.

“Applicants no longer respond to calls or emails. If they’ve missed the call, they don’t bother calling back, and not many log in to their emails regularly.”

For Adaptive’s Managers, setting up an interview with applicants was proving to be a challenge, and the whole process was proving to be time-consuming and inefficient for the company. For them, SendHub became a game-changer.

How Sendhub Filled a Gap with Business SMS Texting

SendHub is a business SMS texting and voice service that makes communicating with an expanding team a piece of cake. Adaptive utilized the service to revolutionize their hiring process and drastically reduced the number of no shows.

“For us, the biggest advantage of SendHub is that it allows us to import all contacts from Indeed or other platforms from where we receive applications. We can even upload the contact details of applications from around six months ago and collectively reach out to them via text messages.”

“Through it, we can not only get their attention via a single text, but we can also send applicants reminders to fill out hiring materials and forms to obtain essential information.”

Other features of the SMS texting service allow Adaptive to group workers in the same geographic area and collectively send out notifications. All the home health aides work remotely, and the absence of central office space made communications and management quite challenging in the past.

“Our HR manager also attests to loving SendHub for the ease it provides when it comes to documentation. Sending out counseling forms, managing shifts, organizing documentation, and hiring has never been easier.”

SendHub has eliminated the need to individually reach out to each worker and inform them of their working schedules. All of it can be communicated automatically through the software, which also eliminates room for error by ensuring all those on the list get the message.

Sendhub’s business SMS service opens a two-way communication street by also allowing clients to send in their annual reports. Clients can send in snapshots of tests that need to be updated annually, and the company can save it in its system.

“SendHub allowed us to better adapt to COVID19 as we already had an efficient virtual communication system in place, and now it even allows us to hire people without even coming to the office.”

Advantages Over Other Business SMS Texting Services

Adaptive conducted substantial market research before choosing SendHub. They highlighted a few features that made their text messaging service of choice stand out among competitors.

One of the advantages is the volume of texts SendHub allows its customers to send. It not only allows a company to send mass texts but also allows you to set up groups and divide recipients by county or departments and send targeted messages.

The ability to set reminders is another function that enhances the efficiency of the software. It allows Adaptive’s managers to set up automatic reminders to prompt people to come in for their scheduled interviews or send in necessary documentation on time.

Being able to send attachments is another feature that gave SendHub an edge over competitors. Sending and receiving documents on shift schedules and counseling forms is quite an attractive feature as the other SMS texting services they evaluated do not offer it.

“We knew we could use it for hiring and but the fact that we could get our annual requirements through snapshots has made it a total game-changer.”

Customer Feedback and Response

Besides being an efficient business SMS service, SendHub strives to provide personalized solutions to small businesses like Adaptive. They take customer feedback quite seriously and strive to deliver communication solutions timely.

Based on feedback from Adaptive, Sendhub is working on developing an automatic workflow for the company. It will allow applicants and clients to be automatically redirected to relevant links, where they can upload documents or schedule interviews.

At SendHub, customer feedback is not only appreciated but welcomed with open arms. If there are any suggestions the clients provide, they get right on it and try to provide their customers with the best possible solution.

Why Choose SendHub?

“If you are really looking to grow and provide quality follow up in the easiest possible manner, then SendHub is your answer. It makes our jobs 100 times easier and has been a real game-changer. No smoke being blown here!”

An efficient platform can make communication management a piece of cake as SendHub has for Adaptive. By using SendHub, you can get rid of out-dated personal and professional communication tools that don’t offer the flexibility of use and use a service that caters to the needs of small businesses.