Nowadays, customers are looking for feasibility and convenience when it comes to interacting with businesses and vendors. The efficiency and speed of SMS messaging has made it a powerful and popular communication tool. Businesses across all different industries are utilizing SMS messaging platforms to improve their internal and external operations.

Benefits of Having An SMS Messaging Platform

There are many benefits to having an SMS messaging platform. For each use case listed below, we have also included example screenshots from our customer, Greenway Equipment, a John Deere equipment dealership group providing equipment for agriculture, gardening, construction and landscaping services. Feel free to also check out our customer testimonial blog highlighting how Greenway Equipment is using SendHub to keep their customers happy.

1. SMS Updates and Alerts

Heavy equipment dealer groups can send automated SMS messages to keep customers updated throughout their ordering process. From purchase confirmations to delivery notifications, an SMS messaging platform allows for multiple points of contact to help move customers through the sales funnel. You can also send messages to inform customers when the parts they ordered are available for pickup. This allows customers to pick up their orders whenever it’s convenient for them.

SMS Messaging for Heavy Equipment Dealerships

With so much incoming junk mail, it’s difficult for dealerships to cut through the clutter with mailed reminders. Emails tend to be overlooked and have a lower open-rate when compared to text messages. That’s why dealerships can use an SMS messaging platform to send automated texts reminding customers of the days left on their warranty expiration. These messages contain time-sensitive information, so it’s important that they are delivered and read quickly. A friendly SMS reminder will not only ensure that your message gets read, but also prompt your customer to take action sooner rather than later.

SMS Messaging for Heavy Equipment Dealerships

An SMS messaging platform can also be especially useful for notifying customers if there’s an issue or event at a dealership. For example, a particular store location may experience a power outage or network issues from time to time. They can use SendHub to send a bulk SMS from their admin to their customers informing them of the problem. Being in constant contact with customers lets them know that they are not being ignored. Sending out these SMS alerts allow businesses to prioritize their customers and continue fostering healthy relations with existing clientele.

2. Reduce Call Volume

Customer service is a vital component in having a successful business. There’s nothing more frustrating than a lack of communication in the supply chain. When logistics companies use an SMS messaging platform, they can significantly reduce call volume from both customers and employees.

An SMS messaging platform allows buyers to initiate text conversations about equipment they’re interested in directly from the company’s listing page. Dealerships can also speed up the sales process by automatically responding to the customer’s inquiry with the corresponding product link. This engagement maintains the customer’s interest until a sales representative becomes available to converse back-and-forth. An SMS messaging platform is a way for dealerships to expand their reach without expanding their sales team. They are able to keep an open line of communication that can help generate more leads and close more sales.

3. Marketing and Customer Engagement

An SMS messaging platform is an effective marketing and customer engagement tool for many heavy equipment businesses. You can send out promotional coupon codes and service special announcements that will engage customers and encourage additional business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you have to follow very specific guidelines before putting people on an outreach list. Learn more about SMS compliance and the role it plays in marketing campaigns here.

SMS Messaging for Heavy Equipment Dealerships

Get Started With An SMS Messaging Platform Today

Many logistics and heavy equipment dealerships are beginning to utilize SMS to create efficient lines of communication. Having an easy-to-use SMS messaging platform can help bring in new streams of revenue with potential leads and build longer lasting relationships with existing clients.

SendHub’s professional texting app is a total game-changer for the logistics industry. Our business solution allows you to send SMS messages to promote special service deals, give updates on ordered parts and warranty expiration dates and even reach out to new leads. If you’re interested in learning more about how SMS could positively impact your heavy equipment business, schedule a quick SendHub demo today or contact us if you have any immediate questions.