Mass communication is necessary for nonprofits to grow, with a bulk texting solution your nonprofit has the ability to scale in ways that are simply impossible through phone calls and email. Volunteers and board members of nonprofit organizations work tirelessly behind the scenes to run smooth sailing operations so that they can better serve their communities. Adding text messaging to your nonprofits communication strategy is one of the fasted and most efficient ways your nonprofit can actually communicate with members, donors, volunteers, and more. 

Start Bulk Texting Potential Donors

Have a list of past donors or potential donors? Use a bulk texting service like SendHub to send a mass message to all contacts with a cellphone number that you could potentially get a donation from. Emails asking for donations can get long and most of the time are left unread or automatically in the trash, mailers from your nonprofit are costly, time-consuming and are likely to be tossed out, phone calls can be convincing but the chances of someone picking up a call from your random number is slim. However, text messaging can alleviate these issues – with a 99% open rate, your short and simple text can quickly get the attention of a donor and aid in your organization’s mission. One key aspect to remember when texting a large group of people is to remain SMS compliant, it’s important to always have consent before text messaging a contact and letting your recipients know they have the option to opt-out of your messages. 

With bulk texting, you not only have the ability to send a message to all of your contacts but you can include a link to donate right within the message. Within SendHub you can also use our templates feature, which allows you to create and save text messages that you use the most. Have a generic message that you send out every season? Save it on templates and have more time for bigger things. Here are some examples your nonprofit can use in their next bulk text messaging strategy:

“Can Home Soup Kitchen count on your donation towards making meals for the less fortunate this Thanksgiving? Just $4 dollars can provide a warm meal for hundreds of people across San Francisco. Use this link {insert link} to donate anything you can!”

“It’s kitten season! SJ Animal Shelter is looking for kitten food, litter, small blankets and we could really use your help. We are open from 9am-5pm everyday to receive donations, in return, we would be happy to give you a SJ Animal Shelter Keychain! 

Create Donation Campaigns With Text-to-Join Keywords

With text-to-join keywords, your nonprofit has the ability to advertise your SendHub number and promote texting a certain keyword like “donate” to be able to opt-in to your messages. When a prospect opts into your text messages, you can create an automated message to all subscribers. Not only is this a great way to generate traffic to your site and increase brand awareness but it adds to your list of contacts. Once a person opts into your SendHub number you can now add them to your list to bulk text message for future campaigns. 

“Thank you for subscribing! With a donation of just $5 you can help feed a family in need, head on over to {insert link} to start your donation.”

“SF Big Bro’s Program relies on people like you to help us continue our mission. This week drive by our toy drop off at 238 Rose St, San Francisco to drop off brand new toys just in time for the holidays!”

Use Bulk Text Messaging to Rally Volunteers

Especially during the holiday season, nonprofits are flooded with inquiries on how, when, and where to volunteer. While this is a great problem to have, it’s important to have a communication strategy in place to properly and efficiently communicate with potential and current volunteers. With SendHub, you can have back and forth communication with volunteers or use bulk texting to send mass messages one way and turn off incoming messages. Nonprofits with a large influx of volunteers and departments can even use two or more SendHub lines, one for bulk texting and one for personal communication with volunteers. Text messaging is a great way for nonprofits to get immediate responses from volunteers in the days prior to major events. Your nonprofit can use text messaging to:

– Confirm volunteer times and dates

– Reschedule volunteers and link them to your site 

– Send bulk text messages to your contact list about upcoming opportunities

– Mass text your volunteer website 

– Send safety tips and instructions for the day of the event

– Relay emergency information quickly by a single text

– Answer quick questions about volunteer requirements in an instant and so much more

Learn More About Bulk Texting for Nonprofits Today!

As virtual communication becomes even more prevalent, a text messaging strategy is necessary for nonprofit organizations. With text messaging, your nonprofit can relay information to its contacts with a click of a button and spend more giving back. Learn more by signing up for a demo today.