Level Up with these Texting in College Admissions Examples

That time of year always comes and goes so quickly. Higher education facilities start preparing for before the previous school year even ends: admissions and the back-to-school season. But did you know that SMS and texting in college admissions processes could help ease stress and increase engagement with new or prospective students?

At SendHub, we understand that higher education recruiters and admissions staff work tirelessly at communicating important deadlines, events, and celebratory messages with future students to make their transition to college easier. That’s why we’ve created this list of 10 sample SMS messages for admission and recruitment; to make the lives of admissions staff and recruiters easier, too.

1 – Send Appointment Reminders

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Students, whether they’re new or not, are busy. But for new recruits and admissions, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of a new school year, especially if they’ve moved out-of-state for their education. Use bulk SMS messages to send appointment reminders to help students stay on schedule.

Even better, automate your texting in college admissions by setting up SMS API with your scheduling software and SendHub. That’s right, let’s sync them up! SendHub offers professional services so that their messaging experts can automate it for you.

2 – Communicate Important Deadlines

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During the application process, there are countless deadlines that have to be met to ensure an easy enrollment for the student. By sending an SMS to all the students that have to pay attention to that important deadline, they’ll have a reminder of the information that they need to succeed.

3 – Send Links with Important Information

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As you communicate these important deadlines, you can include links to official educational content that provide a more comprehensive outline of the information you that needs to be shared. This is higher education texting at its finest.

Texting in college admissions with a bit.ly link is not professional at all. Do not send bit.ly or other public short links over text messaging. If you do, your message will not be delivered because the carriers will think you’re a spammer. We all know you’re not, so be creative and use your own unique domain. You’re recipients will appreciate knowing the link they’re clicking is not phishy.

4 – Engage with Interested Prospects

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Stay in the minds of prospective students by sending out bulk SMS messages promoting your school, interesting programs, and unique services and facilities that your educational facility offers. Automate your text messages in your college admissions office so that you can efficiently communicate with prospective students who are visting your website and applying online.

Use text messaging as a way to keep in touch with your online applicants. You can send them text alerts about the status of their application and reminders of further materials that need submitted to complete their application.

5 – Send Fee Reminders

Financially speaking, sending out fee reminders is imperative to collecting the funds necessary to run your educational facility for the year. Help students and parents alike remember important fee deadlines by sending out fee reminders via bulk SMS messaging.

6 – Communicate Tests and Exams

For certain programs and faculties, there are required tests and exams necessary for admission. If this is the case for one of your faculties, make sure that you SMS message all interested applicants for that program, reminding them of the time and date on which the test or exam is to be held.

7 – Outline Housing Requirements and Rules

Once a student has been accepted into your educational facility, they’re going to start thinking about where they will live during their time at your school. By sending out an SMS link surrounding housing requirements, rules, and deadlines, you can help ease the process for both your housing department and the students themselves.

8 – Make Your School Stand Out During Recruitment Time

Although it may only seem like its students competing to get into their school of choice, educational facilities are also competing to be the school of choice. To stand out during recruitment time, send interesting facts about your campus, articles about successful alumni, and what a student has to gain by enrolling at your school, with SMS messages for admission.

9 – Provide Students with Helpful Tips

During the application process, you can send out bulk SMS texts to interested applicants that will help them speed up their application process. Make sure to include what documents they need to send in, quick routes to access the admissions office, and of course, the appropriate deadlines for applications.

10 – Send Celebratory Messages Along with Orientation Reminder

You’ve finally made it to the end of summer! Before your successful applicants and future students arrive at the campus, send a bulk SMS message saying congratulations, and a friendly reminder of where and when your school’s orientation will be held, if applicable.

These SMS examples for texting in college admissions are super handy. The other thing that is super handy is being set up for success with a texting business phone number and subscription plan that is right for your college or university. SendHub is proud to offer 10DLC (10-digit long code), toll free SMS and dedicated short code. We’re texting experts so we’re happy to walk you through all these options and find one that works great for you.

At SendHub, we want to make your business communication simple. With our out-of-the-box business SMS solutions, you can connect with prospect students and build a sense of trust and professionalism.


How can SMS for college improve the admission process for applicants?

SMS streamlines communication, providing quick updates and reminders about application deadlines and required documents.

Can SMS services be personalized for each college applicant?

Yes, SMS can be customized with the applicant’s name and specific details about their application status or next steps.

Are there any privacy concerns with using SMS for college admissions?

Colleges must comply with privacy laws, ensuring secure handling of personal data and obtaining consent for SMS communication.

How does SMS benefit colleges during the admission season?

SMS aids in efficient and effective communication, reducing delays and ensuring timely responses to applicant queries.