Lawyers texting clients
Lawyers’ texting clients is the way of the future. There’s no doubt about the fact that lawyers have one of the most demanding jobs in the world. This can make it difficult for them to always be in touch with clients. That’s why many lawyers are choosing to text their clients. Not only do they keep correspondence in writing, but it’s quick and efficient.

It’s no secret, lawyers don’t have time. From spending time on the phone with clients, clerks, and partners to researching court cases. To the other numerous jobs that have tight turnaround times and strict court dates and deadlines. Most lawyers just don’t have a ton of time to spend on the phone. When they do, this needs to be reserved for the most serious or personal cases. Many times, they just need a quick yes or no answer from their client and texting is usually best for both parties.

Clients are often worried that corresponding with their attorney can be costly. That’s why texting their lawyer is convenient and time efficient which means saving on extra attorney fees.

Time management is certainly a problem for most lawyers, so finding more efficient ways to communicate is essential. By implementing SendHub, lawyers can find more space in their day without losing touch with important clients and why lawyers texting clients is going to become the new norm. Here are 4 top reasons why lawyers texting clients makes sense.

Lawyers are Texting Clients for these four reasons:

1) Texting Saves Time

Busy law professionals can use text scripts to answer inquiries in a personal and direct but still efficient manner. Lawyers can use text messaging to answer common questions quickly, as well as communicate with groups of people at one time if you have several people involved in a single case, for instance, and you need to offer regular updates.

With Sendhub, lawyers can send a message to multiple people, but those people receive the message as a one-on-one conversation and no one else sees that conversation. For example, Ms. Jones wants to inform multiple parties about something pertinent to the case, but she doesn’t want everyone to see each other’s contact information or responses. With Sendhub, she can type her message out, send it to all the people and each person will receive it as an individual text from Ms. Jones and when they respond, only Ms. Jones will see their message.

2) Text from Anywhere

Texting is also a good substitute for voice messages in some instances and is often easier to use than picking up the phone. It’s also a great way of communicating should you find yourself in a busy office or restaurant and you don’t want to have background noise.

Lawyers and other professionals may even choose even set up preset autoresponders for times when you want to make sure that a client is addressed, but you can’t talk.

With Sendhub’s iOS and Android mobile app, you can access SendHub from anywhere and send text messages without using your personal cell phone number. When you create a SendHub account, you receive a 10 digit number with the area code of your preference. This way, you have your Sendhub number for texting that clients can also call. You can manage all of this work communication from anywhere with Internet access using Sendhub.

3) Client Loyalty & Lead Building

Texting is a great way to keep concrete records of important conversations, information that can be used to improve future communications with current and future clients. Busy professionals can use various scripts to help them understand the needs of new clients, or as a part of lead nurturing if they’re approached by clients who are shopping around.

With unlimited text-to-join keywords, law firms can market keywords. This allows firms to ask people to text those keywords to opt in to their alerts. For example, a law firm could market the keyword “Alert” and ask clients to text alert to opt in to their text message alerts.

4) Keeping Things Polite & Personal

Text is much more personal than email but not as invasive as a direct call. In fact, these days it’s considered polite to text someone first to see when is a good time to call. Texting is used to ensure that both you and your clients are making the most of your time. In addition, it’s easier to use texts to quickly set up meetings, brief clients, and keep in touch with short bits of factual information in between meetings. Consequently, by having all these conversations via text message on Sendhub, you always keep everything in writing.

Texting is a great way of supporting and keeping in contact with everyone you work with. It just makes good business sense to keep in touch directly via SMS rather than relying on email. Lawyers texting clients is the new norm because of these four reasons and more. Call SendHub Sales today to discuss different texting ideas for your law firm. Your dedicated sales rep is waiting to get you started. Call 844-990-4400 and press 1 for sales today.

Looking for more information about how to use texting to help you find more time in your day? Click here to find out more about SendHub messaging services.