With a 99% open rate, text messaging is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with customers and generate leads. Growing a business through your cell phones texting plan isn’t going to work, SendHub’s business text messaging services are a key component in expanding your business in the quickest way. Check out the 5 reasons why SendHub’s text messaging services boost sales below!

1. Send Mass Promotions To Customers & Contacts

Through text messaging services like SendHub, your business has the ability to send one text to all of your contacts. Have a buy one get one free deal? Holiday promotion? New menu item? With mass messaging all of your contacts will get a promotional message on the same day, at the same time with a click of a button.

Mass texting on SendHub doesn’t limit you to just words, you can be creative by sending custom flyers as an MMS or keep it simple and add one of our many emojis. SendHub’s texting services makes it easy to get your companies message out in a scalable and efficient way. Here are a few ways you could boost sales when sending a mass promotion:

“Memorial Day weekend sale is now live at {insert website}! Free shipping on all orders over $75!”

“Hey Home Buyers! Check out the newest listings in Dallas here: {insert website}, give me a text or call at this number if you’re interested.”

“On this cold and rainy day, come by to {insert restraunt name} & warm up with a delicious soup with a side of our famous breadsticks. Open today for dine in & take out till 8pm” 

2. Advertise Your Business With Unlimited Groups & Keywords

All of SendHub’s plans include groups and unlimited text-to-join keywords! Market your text-to-join keywords and watch your contact database grow as subscribers opt-in to your groups. Your SendHub phone number can be advertised anywhere you want – company website, billboards, flyers, store windows, and more.

With unlimited keywords, your business can have multiple keywords being advertised at the same time, creating various groups with various interests. Create different keywords for tenants in different buildings to get updates on the property, have certain keywords to opt-in for promotions, create a keyword to get weekly notifications on a political campaign you’re running – the possibilities are endless when your keywords are unlimited.  When leads and customers opt-in through your SendHub keyword, our double opt-in process helps keep your organization compliant. Refer to SendHub’s blog on the Double Opt-in method and SMS compliance for more information.

3. Make Sales Easier With API Integrations

As a business, we know you use tools and software every day that you have grown to love. SendHub has a dedicated team to help your business integrate our text messaging services into the tools you already use. From billing services to CRM’s we want to help you seamlessly integrate SendHub into anything and everything you already use.

We are constantly building our integrations based on what our customers use and want. An API integration with SendHub can add all the benefits of text messaging into applications that lack it and help your team communicate more effectively on the software they’re used to. Connect with our Sales Team today if you would like to add an SMS API integration to your SendHub account.

4. Save Employee Time With Automated Responses & Scheduled Messages

Running a business isn’t easy and we know how valuable your time is. With automated responses, any contact texting into your SendHub number can get an automatic response written by you! Here are some examples of ways SendHub users have used automated responses to boost site traffic.

Thank you for contacting {business name}! A representative from our team will get back to you as soon as possible, in the meantime feel free to browse the FAQ on our site: {website link}”

{Business name} will get back to you as soon as possible! We are currently open for outdoor dining M-TH 10am-9pm and weekends 10am-11:3o pm. See our menu and book a reservation at {website link}”

Scheduling your text messages is also an effective way to save your business time. With SendHub’s text messaging services you can churn out a handful of texts and schedule them to go out to whoever and whenever through out the week. Business text messaging services shouldn’t be needing you to sit all day drafting messages, with SendHub’s application you can draft up your messages for the week, schedule date’s time’s and recepients and move on to other things. Not only do scheduled messages save your business time, but they aid in constant communication with leads and existing customers – constant communication is key in growing and boosting sales!

5. Create Personal Connections Via Text

Let’s be honest, emails are almost always treated as junk. It’s rare to have an actual conversation via email with a customer or potential lead, however, with texting it’s almost like chatting with a friend. Texting isn’t intimidating, it’s friendly and garners a real connection between you and your client.

Got a quick question for a customer? Send them a text, no matter what day or what time, we can guarantee that you would get a faster response via text than via email. Found an earlier appointment for a client? Text them! Home listing dropped in price? Text an eager home buyer! Texting opens the door to a far more real conversation than email and is necessary for business communication in 2020.

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From a mom and pop shop to a national corporation, texting messaging services like SendHub boost sales for every and any business. Use text messaging to grow your business exponentially and join the newest wave of business marketing with SendHub!

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