The Importance of SMS Messaging During COVID-19

Businesses across the country continue to be heavily impacted by the measures taken in response to COVID-19. Although the pandemic has limited face-to-face communication, social distancing hasn’t stopped our ability to connect with one another. The need for mass communication through SMS messaging is greatly increasing. It is becoming a growing necessity for employees, employers and customers to have an effective method of communication.

Staying Connected With SMS Messaging

Being able to reach your target audience and have a seamless two-way communication method is crucial during these challenging times. Business SMS messaging services allow companies and organizations to send and receive texts right from their personal computers and mobile devices.

Below are 4 use case examples of how businesses across all different industries are using SMS messaging to stay connected.

1. Appointments and Reminders

Healthcare providers across the nation are streamlining their processes by using SMS messaging to collect and organize COVID-related data.

In addition, texting patients to book or reschedule appointments has become a very effective way to work around busy schedules. Staff members are able to provide available appointment dates and times all within a simple text message. When an appointment date approaches, it’s easy to send out automated SMS reminders to the each individual customer. If the patient is looking to reschedule their appointment, workers are able to provide them with alternate dates and times via text without the hassle of back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

As social distancing is becoming heavily enforced, medical facilities and offices are doing their best to eliminate crowded waiting rooms. SMS messaging allows healthcare workers to alert patients waiting in their cars in the parking lot when they can enter the premises. This ensures that patients are well-informed about new check-in procedures and that an appropriate amount of space and time are kept between individuals.

2. Urgent COVID-Related Messages

Government organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDCgov) are working with SMS providers worldwide to support the delivery of important COVID-19 related messages to the public. They are using SMS messaging to inform communities on active COVID-19 cases, specific COVID-19 symptoms and the nearest COVID-19 testing facilities. With the CDC guidelines also urging social distancing to limit the spread of the coronavirus, it’s vital to have a messaging platform that allows for automation and faster communication. SMS messaging helps government agencies ensure that the general public has all the information they need to protect themselves and stay safe.

3. Financial Aid Options

In these uncertain times, there are many people who are still anxiously waiting to receive their stimulus checks or other government financial aid. To avoid the hassle of logging into bank accounts or contacting the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you can set up automated SMS messaging with eligible banks. By doing so, you will be directly alerted whenever the funds become available in your account.

There are many financial businesses out there that are using SMS messaging to quickly provide answers and solutions to their clients. Having an SMS-based COVID relief support queue can help you improve customer engagement and build longer-lasting relationships with your clients. Texting also gives financial service professionals the opportunity to automate tedious tasks in order to save valuable time and resources.

4. Delivery and Tranportation Logistics

As sheltering-in-place is becoming the new norm, on-demand delivery and app-based services are growing increasingly popular. Today’s transportation, delivery, logistics and dispatch businesses are relying on SMS messaging apps to create efficient lines of communication. Text messaging allows on-the-move teams to keep strong communication among geographically dispersed employees. Each dispatcher can text other drivers quickly and conveniently while tracking their conversations right within their SMS messaging platform. It is extremely important for these essential workers to stay connected while they work. They rely on messaging apps to successfully do their job and keep the supply chain flowing so that everyone else can stay sheltered and safe.

We’re Here To Help!

For every industry mentioned above, there are many more examples of businesses and organizations that are using SMS messaging. This method of communication has proven to be an effective and affordable way to connect with others. Whether you work for a large corporation or operate your own small business, there are many innovative uses for text messaging.

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