SendHub is excited to release a highly requested new efficiency feature – SMS Templates. To top it off, we’re unveiling our SMS Templates along with Merge Fields to boot. Efficiency is something we all seek. We’re constantly looking for new ways to maximize our productivity so we can spend more time doing what’s important such as solving customer needs. No one wants to do the same mundane task over-and-over.
Often times, you have messages that you frequently want to send to different people. SendHub’s new templates feature allows you to send the same message many times very simply.

SendHub customers now have the ability to create, edit, save, and delete reusable business text messages. Need some inspiration for your next templates? Check out our SMS Templates Hub for plenty of examples by industry, feel free to copy them as is or customize them to your liking.

When you’re creating a message, whether, from a template from the seat of your pants, you can now personalize it in SendHub with Merge fields. Merge fields will now replace our MergeWiz and will empower SendHub users to personalize their mass texts or one-on-one messages right from within their SendHub message box.

Today, consumers have access to content from a plethora of channels, making personalization more important than ever. Personalized content attracts consumers’ interest. According to a manuscript published in Brain Research, there is a unique reaction in the brain when people hear their own name. Additionally, temporal triggers are associated with long-term memory. Similarly, this reaction takes place in the brain when people get personalized content. Due to the triggered temporal, they also tend to remember it for much longer too.

Almost everyone owns a cellphone. In the U.S alone, around 96% of the population owns and uses a cellphone, not only that but text messages have an estimated 90% open rate within the first 3 minutes. Those first few seconds a recipient opens your message is crucial, with SMS templates and merge fields you no longer have to worry about constantly perfecting the perfect text message. Find a message that works and save it as a template. Once that’s done, add a merge field watch that perfect text message fly out personalized to your many contacts.

More About SendHub’s New SMS Templates

Save your precious time and energy with SMS templates with SendHub. Our new SMS templates allow you to create and save text messages that you can reuse and send to multiple people. Templates help you standardize your messages. Templates make sure you don’t make mistakes or forget important information and reduce misunderstandings. They eliminate errors, miscommunication, and unnecessary segmentation caused by the copy/paste workflow, allowing you to use stored text messages over and over again.

If your business or office uses texting to communicate with customers, you’re probably asked a lot of questions. To help save time while maintaining a high level of customer service, create SMS templates with answers to any questions you may have!

Adding personal contacts to your communications can make a huge difference in customer service. Make templates with messages for fun birthdays, anniversaries, or another user’s milestone.
Promotional and marketing content often repeats itself in nature. Creating SMS templates will allow you to save time on your interactions with people in similar life cycle stages for sales, loyalty programs, and events.

Merge Fields

Along with SMS templates, merge fields are also a new feature that will be applicable to all customers in every industry. In fact, you probably already use merge fields in your mass emails to address people by their first name.
A personalized text message is an SMS that is generated using users’ data such as first name or company name to improve your engagement. We make it easy to send a mass text message to a list of people and have that message address them all individually.

Addressing someone by their name can now be done with a click of a button. We all know that moment when you’re writing an important message and you constantly are re-reading your recipient’s name making sure you spelled it just right. With merge fields that worry disappears, your recipient’s name is automatically entered just as it’s spelled in your contacts into your message in an instant.

Communicating via text message is so instant that SendHub users want that same experience whether their messaging one or many people. Merge fields save them from having to individually personalize every message. Personalized text messages make it easy to get attention and quickly deliver a good deal.
With open rates of 98%, SMS personalization is a very busy marketing tool and provides highly relevant information to subscribers in an appropriate format. It is usually the factor that plays a key role in the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Personalizing your text messages can be a great way to get your customers’ attention and build meaningful relationships. Nothing feels better than knowing a business has actually taken the time out to send you a personalized message and with merge fields you gain the ability to do that in a scalable way. Start with some basic techniques and once you have mastered them, you can try to incorporate more advanced personal styles into your arsenal.

Level Up Your Text Messaging Strategy with SMS Templates & Merge Fields

Save frequently used messages and personalize your SMS with a click of a button. With SendHub’s SMS templates and merge fields, your business can spend less time drafting and editing text messages and more time focusing on what’s important. To learn how to use templates and merge fields within your account check out our step-by-step tutorial. New to SendHub? Request a demo today and add text messaging to your business’s communication strategy.