With SendHub SMS templates, you have the ability to create, save, edit, and delete messages that you use the most often. Templates let you spend less time typing and more time focusing on what’s really important. Check out some of the templates we’ve created by industry, feel free to copy them as is or customize them to add your own flare!

SendHub SMS Templates: Business Deals & Updates

Your business can take advantage of  SendHub SMS templates by saving frequently used messages that are sent during transactions and promotions. Now when a new purchase comes in you can easily insert a template with all the information needed for the customer. Messages regarding shipping times, order confirmations, promo codes, and coupons can be saved and tweaked when using the templates feature on SendHub.

“Thank you for shopping with {business name}! Please wait for an email with tracking information and estimated arrival time. If you have any questions or concerns please reach us by text here”

“Shop now! Get 15% on all orders above $30 with the code HAPPY4583!”

“Happy Holidays! {Business name} will be closed on December 24th and 25th 2020. We will be open again during our usual hours starting on the 26th of December!”

“Business hours have now been changed to 10am-6pm PST. Our support team is still 24/7 and can be reached at {business phone number}”

SendHub SMS Templates: Restaurants

Restaurants can excel in customer service when using SendHub SMS templates! Want to learn more about how restaurants can use SendHub? Check out 10 ways restaurants can increase sales through texting.

“Happy Friday! Show this coupon for 10% off any order during your next visit at {business name}.”

“Hi, Rahul! Get any sushi roll for half price when you join us for happy hour Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm at {business name}!”

“Your order is about to be ready at {business name} on {business address}! Please use the link below to let us know when you’re here & we will meet you at our designated parking spots. {insert link}”

“Order to go from {website link} and receive your order with contactless curbside pickup!”

“It’s BOGO time at {business name}! Buy one drink and get the other free today from 3pm-6pm!”

“Come watch the big game tonight with a side of margaritas and our famous house wings at {business name}!”

SendHub SMS Templates: Real Estate

Real Estate agents can use SendHub SMS Templates to save the common texts they send to potential home buyers. With templates, you can save templates for properties that are on the market right now, open house reminders, and customer check-ins with ease.

“New listing alert! Gorgeous 2008 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom in Dallas just hit the market. Click here {Insert Link} for more info!”

“Hi {First Name}, the home you loved at {address} just dropped in price! Would you like to place an offer?”

“Hi {First Name}, it’s {Agent Name}, hope you’ve been doing well since we last spoke! Are you still interested in searching for a home in {city/area}?”

“Hi {First Name}, the home you loved at {address} just dropped in price! Would you like to place an offer?”

“Hi {First Name}, it’s {Agent Name}! Just a reminder that your open house is confirmed for tomorrow from 1-5pm. Feel free to text/call me back if you have any questions!”

SendHub SMS Templates: Schools & Universities

With in-person and virtual classes being offered at schools and universities, teachers and school staff must stay connected with their students and colleagues no matter where they are. Templates are customizable, meaning you can create a template for week 1 of classes and continually change it as the school year progresses! SendHub SMS templates are also a great way to save those quarterly reminders sent out to staff and students like tuition reminders and upcoming events.

“Hope everyone is having a great first week back to school! Don’t forget that Chapter 1 reading and homework is due tonight at 11:59PM.” – Mrs. Johnson, Math 101”

“Dear Parents of {Student’s Name}, the deadline to pay the school fees for the next academic year is {date}. Please check your parent portal for the payment structure.”

“Good morning Westfield Elementary School teachers! Tomorrow will be the last day to complete the quarterly student evaluation forms. You can access the survey here: sendhub.com

“Last day to pay for spring semester classes is tomorrow 12/10/2020. Failure to complete your payment will result in a late fee”

“Hi {name}! Your counselor appointment with {counselor name} is tomorrow {date} at {time} in Wellman Hall”

“Winter registration opens tomorrow! Please check your portals to see your registration time and date.”

SendHub SMS Templates: Political

“Hi {name}! Don’t forget, the Arnold James for CA State Assembly Virtual Kickoff is tomorrow night from 6pm-7pm. We hope to see you there, here’s the link to join the video call [insert link].”

“{Name}, this is {name} from the James for CA State Assembly campaign, we are only $20,000 away from our goal. Can we count on your support? Any amount will make a difference; please head on over to [website name] to donate.”

“Hey {name}, thanks for your donation to the Arnold James for CA State Assembly Campaign! Your support means the world to us.

“Today, I told republican leaders that we need to stand strong on the healthcare legislation. Text YES if you agree and NO if you disagree.“

“{name}, your polling place is {address} and it closes in 1 hour. Did you get a chance to stop by and vote? Can we offer you a ride? Click this Lyft link to have the campaign pick you up.”

“Dear {name}, Thanks for coming to my event yesterday and donating $10.00. I have your email address email@example.com and I will follow up soon. Reply Win2018 to stay informed of campaign events via SMS.”

SendHub SMS Templates: Nonprofits

“Can Home Soup Kitchen count on your donation towards making meals for the less fortunate this Thanksgiving? Just $4 dollars can provide a warm meal for hundreds of people across San Francisco. Use this link sendhub.com to donate anything you can!”

“It’s kitten season! SJ Animal Shelter is looking for kitten food, litter, small blankets and we could really use your help. We are open from 9am-5pm every day to receive donations.”

“SF Big Bro’s Program relies on people like you to help us continue our mission. This week drive by our toy drop off at {address} to drop off brand new toys just in time for the holidays!”

“Hi {name}! You are confirmed to volunteer on 10/23/2020 at the women’s shelter. Please check-in by {time} in the main lobby. If you can not make it, please reply here.”

“Good morning volunteers! Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for the {event} today, we hope to see you soon!”

SendHub SMS Templates: Places of Worship

“Hi {name}! We want to know what events you would like to see at Rose Hill Temple this December?”

“The youth group retreat waiver and fee is due by this Sunday! Fee’s can be given by cash or check and your waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian”

“Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14”

“Happy Thanksgiving from Clear Lake Synagogue! We pray you all to have a blessed day and hope to see you at our warm meal drive tomorrow” 

SendHub SMS Templates: Health

“Your appointment at Palo Alto clinic is tomorrow 10/25/2020 at 2pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early to check-in”

“Hi {name}! You’re due for your next teeth cleaning, please book your appointment at sendhub.com”

SendHub SMS Templates: Covid 19 Alerts

“Alert – Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, our {Event Name} on {Original Date} will be postponed until {When?}”

“Alert – Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, {Location} will be closed from {Start Date} to {End Date}. We will resume our regular schedule on {Day} {End Date}”

“Team – Out of an abundance of caution, and in light of the reports regarding COVID-19, we are asking employees to work remotely until {When?}”