This holiday season have your business be on top of its game by incorporating online SMS into its communication strategy, As the holiday’s approach, businesses are bombarded with an influx of customers wanting to make purchases, book appointments, and buy subscriptions before the year ends. Have your business stand out by communicating directly with your customer via text instead of being 1 in a 1000 email offers this holiday season. Replace calling leads with online SMS instead, with 91% of people preferring a text over a voicemail, you have a greater chance of closing a deal.

Business texting platforms allow you to not only text from your phone but you can now use online SMS to connect with consumers and use exclusive online features like mass texting and text-to-join keywords. Check out our top 4 ways your business can use online SMS this holiday season below!

1. Mass Text Promotional Deals via Online SMS

One of our favorite features of online SMS from your laptop or desktop is the mass texting feature. Texting even more than 25 people at a time is impossible to do with your regular cellphone plan, with online SMS you now have the ability to mass text in the thousands. Send your entire contact list with special deals and promotions for the holiday season.

Online SMS lets you easily direct your recipients straight to your website or store with a simple text. Send coupon codes via online SMS and include a link straight to your page in just one text or let all of your customers know about the in-store only special offers for the week and send them your address. Just like email marketing, use online SMS to send exclusive deals to those only on your contact list making your customers feel special.

online sms

2. Use Online SMS to Confirm & Book Appointments

During the holiday’s everyone is trying to get in their last-minute appointments booked before the new year! Online SMS can transform how your customer’s book and schedule appointments. Instead of having to constantly put customers on long call wait times, let them text in what time and date they’re looking to book an appointment and go from there.

Your contacts can change and cancel their appointments via online SMS too. Instead of calling every customer booked for the day to confirm their arrival, send them a text a day before and the day of to confirm their arrival or to make any last-minute changes. Need to schedule a follow-up? Awaiting a payment? Use a quick and effective text message to get out these details to your previous customers.

“Hi, Jessie! Confirming your manicure and pedicure appointment tomorrow at 5pm at Diamond Nail Spa”

“Hi, your vehicle is ready for pickup at Chesters Auto Shop. We are open until 6pm today”

“You have an appointment on 12/5/2020 at 8am at Valley Health Clinic. Please reply yes to confirm or go to to reschedule/cancel”

3. Use Text-to-Join Keywords for Promotions & Marketing

Text-to-Join keywords are an excellent way to expand your contact list and market your brand. With SendHub’s unlimited keyword option, you have the ability to choose a keyword and advertise it to customers to text into. Keywords are a feature that can only be set up when you are on your desktop/laptop and are one of the best ways to optimize online SMS. Have a fun holiday keyword like “Joy” or “Merry” that customers can text to your SendHub number to get signed up for exclusive holiday promotions. Have a big holiday event coming up? Advertise a keyword for that specific event that customers can opt-in to via text to get updates up until the day of.

4. Send Captivating Holiday Images via MMS

Pictures truly do speak a thousand words and with online SMS your business has the ability to send beautiful images to your entire contact list. Send images of fun holiday images to boost spirits, pictures of special holiday only items, use fun images to promote a sale, or even send a mobile coupon through MMS! Receiving an image through online SMS is a much more fun and exciting way to engage with your audience. Your text will stand out amongst the others with an illuminating image, telling the recipient everything they need to know without all the reading. Learn more by reading all about MMS marketing best practices

5. Schedule Your Texts & Spread Holiday Cheer with Online SMS

Show your customers you’re thinking about them this holiday season! Scheduling your messages is one of the best ways to take advantage of online SMS business texting. Don’t worry about logging in on your day off, schedule holiday messages in advance, and let SendHub’s system take care of the rest. The scheduling tool on SendHub can be used year-round but becomes extra useful during the busy holiday season. Take care of all of your texts in one sitting by drafting and scheduling them out for the season. And don’t worry about making mistakes, SendHub allows you to go back into those scheduled messages and edit/delete them before their sent out.

Use Online SMS This Holiday Season!

Get your business ready for the holiday season with an online SMS solution. With SendHub’s countless features and tools, your team can level up its communication strategy instantly. Learn more by signing up for a demo today.