From waiting on a table, curbside pickup, food delivery, and more, a restaurant texting system is absolutely necessary for your restaurant to connect with its hungry customers. With countless features to help you scale and grow your restaurant in the most efficient way, SendHub can aid in boosting your revenue tenfold when you implement text messaging into your communication strategy. At a 98% open rate, text messaging is the closest guarantee to your message being heard by your customers. No more uncalled table reservation, no more lost curbside pickups, and no more deliveries gone wrong – text messaging can fix how and why you communicate.

Start Texting When the Tables Ready

With patrons roaming around the area attempting to pass time before their delicious meal, a simple table shout won’t do the trick anymore. Light up pagers indicating it’s time to eat only work so far and can get lost or broken within a second. Let your customers roam freely as they wait for their table and send them a text as soon as it’s time to head back to the restaurant.

SendHub’s templates feature makes it so you don’t even have to type when the tables ready, simply insert your “tables ready” text template into your inbox and click send! SendHub’s restaurant texting system lets customers enjoy their time as they wait, instead of being chained to the 6 feet around your store. When customers know they will be given transparency and attention when it comes to waiting times, they won’t mind the wait as much knowing it’s accurate.

A Restaurant Texting System With Automated Responses

One of our favorite features of SendHub’s restaurant texting system is the automated message response feature. As soon as a customer texts into your restaurant’s SendHub number, your custom automated response can direct them to a link with a menu, share store times and regulations, how to place an order, or any general info needed to make their dining experience better.

Automated responses can also be used as a great placeholder to let your customers know that you have received their message and will get back to them as soon as possible. Check out some great examples on how your restaurant can use automated responses:

restaurant texting system

Busy Night? Eager Customers? No Problem

A restaurant texting system in place can aid in updating customers idly standing by for their table. Now your host doesn’t have to worry about constantly giving updates to customers asking how long the wait will be – let your staff send updates to guests who are waiting.

On weeks when reservations are fully booked, put customers still wanting to dine in on a waitlist and update them with last-minute openings and cancellations. With a restaurant texting system, you’ll never miss a chance to get business when reservations are changed or canceled, always keep business moving in and out the door easily through text messaging.

Use a Restaurant Texting System to Aid in Customer Satisfaction

Your diners are how your business stays afloat, meaning their satisfaction and opinion is crucial in increasing your business’s revenue. Send an SMS post-meal to the guest of the day, ask them about their experience and their opinions on the food, service, ambiance, and more. You now have a personal connection with your guest, with texting being far more casual than email, your guests can tell you honestly how they felt about their experience in dining with you. If an online survey is more your speed for data collection, no problem. Text your customers a link to a brief survey to fill out their thoughts on how their meal was.

A Restaurant Texting System is Necessary for Seamless Curbside Pickups & Delivery Transactions

If your restaurant is taking part in curbside pickup or home delivery, a restaurant texting system is a must. Texting is the most seamless way to make those transactions possible. As soon as customers order, your restaurant can send a text confirming their order, and an estimated time of when their food will be fresh and ready to be enjoyed.

Once customers are given an estimated time to pick up, they can decide when to leave their homes and text your restaurant back that they are outside waiting for their order. Let your customers know to give you a ping back with information on where they’re parked, the make of their car, and more to help you spot them right away.

If your business is also partaking in home delivery, text messaging is an excellent way for drivers to simply drop the customer’s order at their door and text them that it’s outside. Drivers can use SendHub’s restaurant texting system to let guests know they are on their way and even text them if they need any assistance in directions.

Implement Text Messaging Into Your Restaurants Communication Strategy Today!

If you want even more tips on how restaurants can use text messaging, check out our blog on 10 reasons why texting apps for restaurants boost sales!

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