Bulk SMS can change the way your business communicates with its contacts. With a 99% open rate and the U.S making up 45% of the world’s text volume, your message is sure to be read and engaged with by your recipient. Bulk SMS can aid in getting your business message across to a large group of people, something your regular cellphone just can’t do. Read more about why Bulk SMS marketing helps small businesses below.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS gives you the ability to mass message a large number of contacts at one time from one single source like SendHub. Bulk SMS is useful to small and large businesses as it gets out your message in a scalable and efficient way. Texting from any business text messaging platform like SendHub is considered A2P (app to person) text messaging as it is technically not from an individual but rather an SMS online application.

As more and more people around the U.S get rid of their landlines and automatically block unknown numbers on their cellphones, text messaging has become one of the only ways to guarantee your business’s message to be seen. Almost every business partakes in email marketing, and customers’ inboxes are getting flooded and continually ignored day by day. Text messaging is a way to stand out amongst the crowd – it’s personal, direct, and easy to read. Bulk SMS can aid your business in mass communication via text message.

Businesses Promote Deals & Increase Brand Awareness Through Bulk SMS

Have a blow out sale coming up? Buy one get one free? Special coupon code? With bulk SMS your entire contact list can get in on exciting deals, leading them right into your website or store. Mass messaging a coupon code or special sale hours and days is a great way for your business to get foot and site traffic. We all know that feeling of getting an email about an amazing sale and then inevitably forgetting about it as your inbox starts to fill up. Texting a reminder a day or even an hour before a sale begins to your contact lists helps keep your customers engaged and is more likely to boost sales.


No matter what type of bulk SMS you send, constantly texting your contacts increases brand awareness and reputation. With SendHub all of your text messages can have a custom signature – meaning all of your bulk SMS or individual messages can end with your brand name. You want your customers and leads to constantly remember what and who your brand is, brand awareness is extremely hard to attain when marketing through email and phone calls. Text messaging is personal, it goes right into your recipient’s pocket, making it more susceptible to be remembered and engaged with.

Bulk SMS Can Be Scheduled and Personalized With Merge Fields

Running a business isn’t easy. Especially with small businesses, your smaller team has to wear many hats and time is always of the essence. At SendHub we understand time is valuable which is why our scheduled messaging feature is one of our most loved tools. You have the ability to draft up multiple bulks messages and schedule them out for any time of the day and any day of the year! Schedule out multiple messages for just the day or space them out by months or weeks, the choices are endless.

Customers want to feel special and seen. With SendHub merge fields, your message can have an insert for items like name and last name making it so that every single one of your messages is personalized towards the recipient. Having your contact’s name in the message is eye-catching and more likely to be read. No more “Hi there” or “Hi friend” – merge fields customizes each text message based on the contact receiving it. Even though bulk SMS is sent to the masses, with merge fields it can feel like each text was sent individually one by one.

Grow Your Bulk SMS List With Text-to-Join Keywords

One of the best ways to expand your contact list is by advertising text-to-join keywords alongside your SendHub number. Entice your customer to opt-in to your messages by advertising special deals to those who opt-in for text message alerts from your business. For example, your business can start to advertise anywhere and everywhere that by texting the word “lucky” to your SendHub number they will be opted in to receiving texts about special text only deals and promotions! When customers opt-in they automatically join your group within SendHub and now have helped you add to your contact list. That means more people to bulk text and more potential revenue!

It’s important to remember compliance when texting via A2P. Especially with bulk SMS, you want to make sure that you have consent to be texting your contacts – learn all about texting compliance in our article about the double-opt-in method.

Almost Any Industry Can Benefit From Bulk SMS

From recruiting agencies to real estate, schools, healthcare clinics, political campaigns, restaurants, and more, countless industries have greatly benefitted and expanded their business by implementing a bulk SMS marketing strategy. Real estate agents have used bulk SMS to mass message all of their potential leads about new houses on the market. Schools and Universities use bulk SMS for school-wide events or emergency texts. Political campaigns thrive by using bulk SMS to remind voters about polling times, candidate policies, events, and more.

Send Your First Bulk SMS Today!

Our expert team can help you figure out how SendHub can best fit you and your team’s needs! Bulk SMS can be used in a variety of different ways and we can help you determine the best strategy to help grow your business. Learn more by signing up for a demo today! 


What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS marketing is a method of sending promotional or transactional messages in large quantities to multiple recipients simultaneously. It’s used by businesses to communicate offers, updates, or other relevant information to a wide audience quickly and efficiently.

How Can Bulk SMS Marketing Benefit Small Businesses?

For small businesses, bulk SMS marketing is cost-effective, has a high open rate, and allows for immediate delivery. It enables small businesses to reach a large audience directly on their mobile phones, ensuring that their marketing message is seen by most recipients.

Is Bulk SMS Marketing Effective for Customer Engagement?

Yes, bulk SMS marketing is highly effective for customer engagement. SMS messages are typically read within minutes of receipt, offering immediate engagement. This direct and personal communication channel helps in building strong customer relationships and loyalty.

Can Small Businesses Personalize Messages in Bulk SMS Marketing?

Absolutely. Small businesses can personalize their bulk SMS messages to make them more relevant to their audience. This can include addressing customers by name, offering specific deals based on previous purchases, or sending wishes on special occasions. Personalization increases the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.