If you work in the real estate industry and want more leads while maintaining customer loyalty, SMS for real estate marketing is the way to go. It’s now easier than ever to connect with potential buyers, sellers and grow your lead list. Adding text messaging into your real estate marketing strategy will revolutionize how your business communicates and will make your real estate business stand out amongst the crowd. While everyone else is still sending emails with listings, you’ll be sending mass SMS marketing campaigns that are sure to be read! Keep reading to learn all about why realtors like you need to utilize SMS for real estate marketing.

How Agents Can Use SMS for Real Estate Marketing

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using SMS for real estate marketing. Here are some ways realtors can use text messaging to their advantage:

1. Promote Text-to-Join Keywords

SendHub’s SMS for real estate marketing platform gives you access to unlimited keywords. For example, if you’re selling a house at 4532 Sage Street, you can advertise ‘Text SAGE to 800-345-9876 for more info” on your rider and expand your lead list as prospective buyers opt-in for texts. Your text-to-join keyword can be any word about anything – no matter what it is. Text-to-join keywords can help grow your contact list and aid in gaining new leads exponentially.

When sending out text messages, you should always be mindful of compliance issues. You need to always ask for permission before texting and also have a clear way for leads to opt-out and unsubscribe. SendHub makes it easy for real estate agents to do this. Learn more about SMS compliance and the role it plays in marketing campaigns here.

2. Send Property Photos via MMS

A picture is worth a thousand words. A beautiful photo of a property can play a significant role in driving a client’s decision to schedule an appointment. Leave a lasting impression on your audience by sending video walkthroughs and photos using MMS.

SendHub’s SMS for real estate marketing allows agents to send outbound MMS messages on their one-on-one conversations or on a mass text marketing blast through their own short code or toll free number.

3. Automatically Follow Up with Leads

Reaching back out to dormant leads can be so easy when it can all be done at the tip of your fingertips. But sometimes life happens and your schedule is too busy, we understand. That’s why with SendHub’s Follow Up Boss texting integration, you can automate text messaging drip campaigns with Follow Up Boss’ Action Plans. This means that real estate agents will be able to have a more consistent line of communication with clients and leads, thereby losing less prospects and driving more sales. Learn more about how we can help you integrate our SMS platform with Follow Up Boss’ CRM software here.

4. Create Quick and Personal Connections with Buyers & Sellers

SMS for real estate marketing lets you have one-on-one conversations with potential buyers and sellers. Now with a quick text you can check in with one of your sellers on quotes you have collected, updates on their property and more. Furthermore, with just one text, you can let house hunters know about a new listing as soon as it comes up!

5. Schedule Showings In A Pinch

Realtors do not always have to use SMS for real estate marketing, they can use SMS to do simple everyday tasks that usually would’ve taken twice the time and energy on email. With SMS, a realtor can schedule appointments with leads in a pinch. For example, texting a potential home buyer a couple dates and times for a showing is far less tedious and time consuming than going back and forth scheduling an appointment on email.

5 SMS for Real Estate Marketing Template Examples

Finally, here are some real estate text message templates that you can start using today:

1. Advertising New Listings

Immediately let your contacts know as soon as a new property hits the market! Sending a link to the property within the text is a great way to direct potential buyers towards all the information they may need.

“New listing alert! Gorgeous 2008 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom in Dallas just hit the market. Click here {Insert Link} for more info!”

2. Sending Listing Price Change Alerts

Letting your buyers know price changes immediately is the best way to close a deal as soon as possible. With a 99% open rate, sending a quick and short SMS when you become aware of a price change is the most effective way to communicate with buyers.

“Hi {First Name}, the home you loved at 246 Sunshine Road just dropped in price! Would you like to place an offer?”

3. Touching Base After an Open House

An open house is the perfect time and place to be collecting contact information from interested buyers. Realtors can refer to their contact database and schedule a follow up text with all the visitors who came to view the property. This is a quick and easy way to interact with leads and let them know you’re available to help them in any way you can.

“Thanks for joining us at the open house at 135 Bridgeview Court. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the property.”

4. Re-engaging with Leads

Following up and constantly engaging with leads makes them feel important and is an excellent customer service tactic to keep your customers happy. A fast and easy way to do this is by sending an SMS to one of your many contacts.

“Hi {First Name}, it’s {Agent Name}, hope you’ve been doing well since we last spoke! Are you still interested in searching for a home in San Francisco?”

5. Connecting with Buyers and Sellers

Have an offer you want to share with a buyer? Need to confirm open house dates and times? Getting answers through an email chain can take days, a quick and simple text can get you the information you need in a fraction of the time.

“Hi {First Name}, the owners of 123 Sage Street gave me a counter towards your offer, what times work for you to connect so that we can discuss this?”

“Hi {First Name}, it’s {Agent Name}! Just a reminder that your open house is confirmed for tomorrow from 1-5pm. Feel free to text/call me back if you have any questions!”

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Get Started with SendHub’s SMS for Real Estate Marketing for Free!

Text messaging is one of the fastest and most successful tools to have in your digital marketing strategy. Ready to give SMS for real estate marketing a try? Sign up for a free trial account here! Feel free to contact our Sales Team if you have any immediate questions or reach us at 844-736-3482 and Press 1 for Sales.


How do realtors use SMS for real estate marketing?

Realtors use SMS to send instant property alerts, updates, and personalized messages to clients and potential buyers.

Can SMS be used for scheduling viewings and open houses in real estate?

Yes, SMS is an effective tool for scheduling and reminding clients about property viewings and open house events.

Is SMS marketing cost-effective for realtors?

SMS marketing is cost-effective, offering a direct and high-engagement method of communication with a wide audience at a low cost.

How does SMS help in building client relationships in real estate?

SMS allows for quick, personal interactions, fostering stronger client relationships and enhancing customer service in real estate.