What is Mass Texting?

Mass texting, or also known as bulk SMS, bulk texting, or text blasting, allows individuals and businesses to send text messages to tens, hundreds or even thousands of customers, employees and supporters in a matter of minutes. Organizations across all different types of industries are using SMS messaging to seamlessly communicate with their target audiences.

Benefits of Adding Mass Texting to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Mass texting is efficient, effective and affordable. Business mass texting services allow companies and organizations to send and receive texts right from their personal computers and mobile devices. With SendHub, you can quickly and easily send SMS messages, alerts or reminders to all of your subscribers in just a few clicks. From reaching out to hundreds of customers to over thousands, our mass texting platform is built to scale and help your business grow.

From industry giants to local nonprofits, all types of businesses and organizations are beginning to take advantage of mass texting on a daily basis. Mass texting has revolutionized digital marketing strategies and changed the way many companies communicate with their audiences. Here’s why.

Your content is catered to your audience.

Because recipients have to opt-in to your mass texting services, you can guarantee they’re interested in your content. In other words, you’ll be reaching out to existing loyal customers and potential customers, a group of people who you have already established strong relationships with.

Since SMS marketing is permission-based, you’ll have to be mindful to always abide by the compliance guidelines when mass texting. Otherwise, it can feel like an invasion of privacy and will give you and your business a bad reputation. Refer to SendHub’s blog on the Double Opt-in method and SMS compliance for more information.

You can ensure your message gets read.

When you send an email or leave a voicemail, there’s no way to tell when it will be opened. Or even worse, your email could end up in their spam folder and never get read at all. With a 98% open rate and about 90% read within the first 3 seconds of being delivered, mass texting is the most effective way to get your message across and engage with your target audience.

You can personalize your messages.

It’s important to be personable and authentic so that your message doesn’t sound spammy. When sending out bulk texts to such a large list of contacts, you should customize your messages to be engaging. From inserting the recipient’s name to the date of an upcoming appointment, you’ll be able to include details in your mass texting to make it feel extra personalized and appear as if each text was sent individually. In return, personalized messages will help increase response rates and foster healthier relationships with existing clientele.

You can easily track and manage messages.

SendHub’s inbox makes large-scale mass texting manageable. All of your outgoing and incoming messages are time stamped and archived for easy visibility and retrieval. You can track all of your conversations and have easy access to each thread. Additionally, SendHub offers analytics and reporting so that your company has the graphs, insights and usage analytics to measure the effectiveness of your mass texting marketing campaigns.

You can save time and money.

Mass texting is considerably less expensive than mailing and emailing. Not to mention how much time you’d be saving. If used right, mass texting can generate a lot of profit with very minimal costs.

SendHub has a range of custom plans to choose from and we’re happy to help you find the right one to fit your budget while meeting all of your communication needs. Check out our pricing page here for more information.

Mass Texting with SendHub

SendHub makes it simple to send out text messages to a few, hundreds or even thousands of contacts right at your fingertips! Whether you’re sending SMS or MMS messages, alerts, notifications or polls to your entire marketing list, we’ve got you covered! In just a few minutes, you can conveniently and effectively communicate with your target audience.

Here’s how you can start mass texting with SendHub in just four simple steps.

1. Sign up for an account

Not ready to pick a plan yet? Sign up for our free trial today! Our 14-day free trial gives you access to nearly all of SendHub’s features, with use of our web and mobile apps and just enough messages to test out the inbound and outbound functionalities.

Signing up for SendHub's mass texting services

2. Import contacts

SendHub’s contact database allows you to upload, add, edit and manage all your contacts to streamline sending messages. You can individually add contacts or you can import a .CSV file of contacts right into the group of your choice.

Adding contacts into SendHub's contact database

But that’s not all! You can also sync your Android, iPhone, Google or Yahoo contacts right into our contact database as well.

Importing contacts into SendHub's contact database

3. Build your list

Grow your contact database with SendHub’s groups and unlimited text-to-join keywords! Market your text-to-join keywords and watch your list build itself as subscribers opt-in to your groups. When they opt-in with SendHub’s unlimited keywords, our double opt-in process helps keep your organization compliant.

Creating your text-to-join keyword for mass texting

4. Send your message

Now, it’s time to create and write your message! Whether it’s a special promotional offer, appointment reminder or emergency alert, you can customize each text to make your message sound more tailored and personal. Once you’re satisfied with your work, go ahead and send out your mass text or schedule it for later.

Creating and scheduling your message for mass texting

Get Started with SendHub’s Mass Texting Services Today!

Mass texting has so many benefits and proves to be an effective tool to incorporate into your mobile marketing strategy. It can give your business the extra edge needed to stand out from competitors.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of mass texting? It doesn’t get much simpler than with SendHub’s easy-to-use bulk SMS platform. Don’t believe us? Schedule a quick demo or contact our Sales Team and see for yourself!


What is a mass text app for business?

A mass text app for business is a tool that allows companies to send bulk SMS messages to large groups of customers or employees efficiently.

How can businesses benefit from using a mass text app?

Businesses can use mass text apps for marketing campaigns, updates, reminders, and to engage with customers rapidly and on a large scale.

Is it difficult to set up a mass text app for my business?

Setting up a mass text app is generally straightforward, with user-friendly interfaces and step-by-step guidance to integrate with your business systems.

Are there any legal considerations to keep in mind when using a mass text app?

Yes, businesses must comply with regulations like opt-in requirements and privacy laws to avoid penalties and maintain customer trust.